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The humble cooker and its associated cooker parts is the centre of kitchens all over the world in both domestic and industrial situations. From early wood burning stoves and clay ovens to the induction cooker, as with most things cookers have become more complex in modern times and are constructed of many separate parts which are manufactured all over the globe, from electrical switches to metallic elements.

Cookers generally come in two varieties in the western world; gas or electric. The merits of each are largely down to personal preference and utility outlet. Gas stoves are largely attributed as having a finer heat control but electric stoves provide a more even heat distribution. The cooker parts that each variety of cooker is constructed of is uniquely designed from manufacturer to manufacturer. Popular cooker manufacturers at present include the following; AEG,Ariston, Belling, BEKO,  Creda,  Cannon, DeLonghi, Electrolux, Diplomat, De Dietrich, Flavel, GEC, Gorenje, Homark, Hygena, Indesit, Jackson, Miele, Moffat, Newworld, Neff, Stove, Siemens, Smeg, Tecnik, TEKA, Aga,Hotpoint, Zanussi, Bosch, Rangemaster to name but a few. Its intensive use in both the home and the professional kitchen can lead to component parts malfunctioning through wear and tear. We stock a full complement of cooker parts from a huge range of manufacturers.

By the early 1900’s gas cookers had found their way into household kitchens and they were originally designed with a standing pilot light cooker part, a small continuously burning flame that would be used to light the required burners when needed. This had the advantage of being completely removed from external services but a major drawback was that if the pilot light went out then the oven would continue to fill with gas creating a fire hazard, and should the oven be left with the pilot light unlit for too long electrical sparks from turning on a light switch could trigger explosions. This was rectified by a safety valve which would shut off the gas flow to the cooker once the pilot light was extinguished. Electric ignition gas cookers rely on a spark to light the gas burner. Electric ignition cookers produce an audible click when the knob is held to light the burner and in recent years this has been developed further to provide additional safety measures. The ignition cooker part is now automated from the knob itself and consists of a heated bar that reaches the desired temperature to ignite the gas and then the gas valve is automatically engaged, this negates the need for the user to be aware of the turn and depress operation of the original ignition cooker.

Electric cookers, cooker spares and electric cooker parts only caught on much later and consisted of heating element cooker parts that were powered by electricity. The first of these was simple ring elements and solid type ring and in the 70’s ceramic stove tops were developed. These were heated by a halogen or ceramic element with a sheet of ceramic that would provide the cooking surface. The ceramic has very low thermal conductivity but allows infrared to pass through so the immediate area that is heated would remain hot but the heat would not spread further along the cooker top, they also had the distinct advantage of being very easy to clean as there was only a flat glass like sheet to maintain.

Induction cookers utilize an alternating magnetic field which generates the heat directly in the cooking vessel. This has many positive benefits over conventional electric / gas cookers such as improved efficiency, greater heat control. The cookers are also safer as they contain no hot parts, the only heat present is from the cooking vessel itself which is resting on the stove top which is constructed of heat resistive ceramic.  The only major drawback is that cookware must be made of a ferromagnetic material in order for the magnetic induction to occur. Pure Copper/ Aluminum pans will not work and stainless steel pans that are not magnetic will neither work on this type of cooker. The market for induction cookers is primarily dominated by European manufacturers Japanese manufacturers and units may have 2-5 induction zones that can be controlled separately to provide a versatile appliance. The cook top is shallow compared to a gas-fired or electrical coil cooker, and so wheelchair acces can be better obtained beneath the cooker top.

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20th May 2012 - Smart use of your cooker - Irrespective of whether you are looking at a commercial kitchen or a residential one, a cooker is an integral part of the space. It is a rather flexible cooking gadget and can help you work on multiple dishes at a time with complete control over the temperatures at which each one is cooking at. For the harried restaurant cook or the busy home maker this is a cooking assistant that helps take the pressure off. When cookers first made an entry on the scene they were merely considered an aid in cooking. As time went by they became more complicated in nature and were able to handle a lot of work. Considering the load they take, it is important that they be maintained well and regularly inspected. Read more...

05th January 2012 - Happy New Year from everyone here at The Domestic Appliance Centre - We are looking forward to increasing our catalogue of cooker spared and oven parts throughout 2012 and will continue to deliver fast delivery and excellent service for our customers...

05th December 2011 - Now shipping our fantastic range of cooker accessories, spares and parts worldwide. We are so pleased with the popularity of We have great exposure all across the world. With this in mind we are happy to ship our cooker spares worldwide.

24th November 2011 - Recent cooker spares added to our website include:

AEG / Electrolux / Fagor / Parkinson Cowan / Tricity / Zanussi m £37.50 AGA Masterchef Thermostat   £57.50 Ariston / Indesit / Cannon oven thermostat £34.50 Bauknecht / Philips / Whirlpool main oven thermostat £52.50 Baumatic / De Dietrich / Hoover / New Wave / Terim Main Oven The £69.50 Beko Thermostat £42.50 Belling / Stoves oven thermostat £57.50 Belling Main Oven Thermostat £49.50 Belling Main Oven Thermostat £58.50 Belling Main Oven Thermostat £49.00 Belling main oven  thermostat, Diamond H 46TH1/J5 £65.00 Belling Oven Thermostat £37.50 Belling Top oven thermostat   £45.00 Belling Top Oven Thermostat (Diamond-H-Stat- 47THc26/230) £54.50 Blomberg Main Oven Thermostat £64.50 Bosch Main Oven Thermostat £55.00 Britania Main Oven Thermostat Is9S £124.50       Candy Thermostat and Selector Switch £44.50 CDA / Caple / Concept / Delonghi / Homark / Kenwood / Lectron / £44.50 CDA Main Oven Thermostat 

17th November 2011 - Here at Domestic Appliance Centre we offer nationwide delivery of our cooker accessories, spares and parts at very competitive rates. Browse our online shop for a great range of gas oven parts and cooker spares today.

15th November 2011 - As we rapidly approach the colder months of 2011 and 2012, its fairly typical that cooker spares and parts are in higher demand as traditional winter foods become the popular menu of choice. We have recently added some great new oven parts to our online shop, making us one of the most comprehensive suppliers of cooker parts and cooker spares in the UK.

28th October 2011 - We are pleased that we have achieved page 1 of the search engines. This is largely due to the comprehensive cooker spares in gas cooker parts information outlined on our website.

29th September 2011 - Recent cooker spares to be added to our website include the following parts:

3 side oven door seal   £17.50  4 sided oven door seal   £17.50 AEG / Firenzi / John Lewis / Electrolux / Zanussi / Fagor / Moff   £19.50       AEG Door Glass   £47.50      AEG Door Handle and screws   £34.50       AEG L/H Hinge Main Oven   £29.50       AEG large oven door seal   £22.50       AEG Main Oven Door Glass Outer   £74.50       AEG small oven door seal   £22.50       Bauknecht / Whirlpool / Philips main oven door hinge   £23.50       Baumatic Door Hinge   £18.50       Baumatic Door Hinge   £22.50       Baumatic Main Oven Door Seal   £29.50       Baumatic Main Oven Door Seal   £44.50       Baumatic Main Oven Hinge   £17.50       Baumatic Oven Door Seal   £24.50       Baumatic Oven Door Seal   £24.50       Baumatic Oven Hinge Door WK200   £22.50       Baumatic Top Oven Door Seal   £19.99       Beko Door Catch DC3631   £8.95

19th September 2011 - More great cooker spares have been added to our online cooker parts shop today. They include:

3/8 gas hose 4 foot thin type 90 degree   £24.50 3/8 slimline gas hose 90 degree bayonet fixing   £24.50 3/8 slimline gas hose bayonet fixing  £24.50 3/8 slimline gas socket bayonet fixing £8.95 4 foot bayonet fixing gas hose £24.50 4 foot gas hose 90 degree bayonet fixing £24.50 4 Foot Screw Fixing Gas Hose   £24.50 Baumtic Gas Thermocouple Kit (1400MM)  £44.50 Bayonet type gas socket £9.50 Beko Burner Cap Cookmaster £13.00 Beko Butane Gas Injector £22.50 Beko Grill Thermocouple £23.50       Beko Ignition Switch £20.00 Beko Spark / Igntion Button £6.95 Belling / CDA / Diplomat / New World / Stoves spark electrode   £9.50 Belling / Stoves ignition unit (spark generator) £47.50  Belling / Stoves top oven flame failure device £79.50 Belling Gas Oven Thermostat £84.50 Belling Ignition Unit £59.50      Belling LPG Conversion Kit  £34.50

12th September 2011 - Recent cooker spares and grill elements added to our website include:

Belling / Creda grill pan griddle (385mm x 285mm) £22.50 Belling Grill Pan (size 380mm x 275mm )   £25.00 Belling Grill Pan Grid (Format Series) £13.50 Belling Grill Pan Griddle (Universal) £7.50 Belling Grill Pan Handle £33.50 Belling Universal Grill Pan Griddle £11.50 Belling: • 205/ 315BH • XOU170   £15.00 Candy Grill Pan Grid £32.50 CDA / Creda (GDA) / Cuisina / Diplomat / Hotpoint (GDA) / Hygena   £14.50 CDA / Creda (GDA) / Cuisina / Diplomat / Hotpoint (GDA) / Hygena £14.50 CDA / Creda (GDA) / Cuisina / Diplomat / Hotpoint (GDA) / Hygena £14.50 Creda/Cannon Grill Pan £27.50 DeLonghi Grill Pan and Griddle  £87.50 Diplomat Grill Pan Handle £19.99 Diplomat grill pan handle £29.50 Electrolux / AEG Grill Pan Handle £12.50 Flavel Province / Rangemaster 110 Grill Pan £45.00 Genuine Hotpoint Grill Pan Assembly £25.00 Grill Pan Griddle £22.50 Grill Pan Griddle £12.50

07th September 2011 - More cooker spares and parts added to our shop today include:

 6 Heat regulator switch EGO 4627266500 £17.50 AEG / Electrolux selector switch £37.50 AEG / Zanussi selector switch £32.50 Baumatic Main Oven Selector Switch £110.00 Baumatic Selector switch BT187 £47.00 Baumatic Selector Switch BT2790 £34.50 Beko Selector Switch £19.50 Belling main oven selector switch £34.50 Belling Selector Switch ( 082603428 ) & ( 082604389 ) Are The S   £27.50 Bompani Selector Switch £27.50 Bosch Neff Siemens Selector Switch £45.00 Brandt / De Detrich / Ocean Selector Switch £52.50 Brandt Selector Switch £37.50 Britannia Selector Switch   £110.00 Britannia Small Oven Selector Switch £77.50 Candy selector switch £27.50 Cooker Selector Switch £33.50 Cookers Selector Switch £29.50 Creda / Jackson / Hotpoint Switch £32.50 Creda Canterbury selector switch £34.50 

01st September 2011 - Recent cooker spares added to our online shop include:

AEG Base Element   £37.50 AEG Fan Oven Element   £34.50 AEG Fan Oven Element   £24.58 AEG Fan Oven Element   £37.50 AEG Fan Oven Element  £27.50 AEG fan oven element (2500W) £27.50 AEG fan oven element (2300W)   £27.50 AEG fan oven element (2500W) 2 turn.  £27.50 AEG Fan Oven Element (3 turn) 2500w £27.50 AEG Fan Oven Element 1200W £29.50 AEG Grill Element £99.00       AEG grill element  £79.00 AEG grill element £60.00 AEG grill element (2600W) £37.50 AEG grill element (2500W) £32.50 AEG Grill Element Drop Down (2800w) £39.99 AEG Grill Element Drop Down (2800w) £33.33 AEG Heating Element £59.00 AEG Heating Element £59.50 AEG oven & grill element 230V-80 


Older News...

Unique Cooker Parts, Cooker Spares and Components

Cookers are manufactured from various materials and constitute many individual components. The design of each of these components is unique to every manufacturer so it is important that the correct model is known before ordering.

Cooker Top and Hob Rings

These are the heating elements/gas rings that you see on the top of your cooker. There are multiple types of hob rings which all have specific properties.  Ceramic and halogen rings are usually used under ceramic cooker tops which have a very low thermal conductivity and are relatively easy to clean. Induction hobs allow only the pan to get hot by heating the pan through electromagnetic induction and require special pans that are manufactured with ferromagnetic bottoms. The most basic of all hob rings is the solid or ring steel type, which are relatively cheap to manufacture and rely on heated restive coils. Gas cookers comprise of a cooker parts including gas valves with a ring assembly on top for placing the cooking apparatus.

Cooker Parts and Cooker Spares - the Ignition Switch

The ignition switch may be connected directly to the knob associated with a specific element / ring but may a a separate unit altogether. This produces a spark that will ignite the incoming gas supply to allow the burners to light.

Oven Element

This is the component that heats up the inside of your oven, traditionally its mounted at the top of the oven like a grill but you may find that it is situated at the back if you have a  fan assisted oven. Gas ovens usually have the gas valves at the base of the oven. An element may also be present if your cooker includes a grill, this will be mounted on the top of the compartment.

Oven Thermostat

This is the cooker part that tells your oven when the desired temperature has been achieved. , The name is from the Greek words ‘thermos’ meaning "hot" and ‘statos’ meaning "a standing". Thermostats consist of a phial (capillary tube) with a probe located on the end which contains a gas, this probe is located inside the oven. The gas inside the probe end expands as the heat in the oven rises and this pushes on a diaphragm which then regulates the thermostat by switching it on/off or by restricting the flow of gas/oil to the burners thereby maintaining the correct user defined temperature. The thermostat is usually located behind the control panel and may be directly linked to the temperature knob.


Like the thermostat this is an integral cooker part, it regulates the on/off switching of your hotplates/elements and grills, thereby creating a sustained accurate temperature. These can be determined from thermostats as they contain a small heating element and a bi-metallic strip, these also lack the capillary tube present on thermostats

Fan Oven Motor

Convection / fan assisted ovens maintain a more accurate spread of heat by moving the hot air around the oven. The fan is powered by a small motor, which is usually located in the rear of the oven. The introduction of fan assisted ovens has made ovens more energy efficient as lower temperatures can be used for cooking.

Cooker doors, hinges, knobs and misc. cooker parts

Cosmetic components to cookers are varied and specific to each manufacturer, knobs are constructed of a variety of materials including extruded plastic, forged steel to brushed aluminum. Cooker doors will generally be constructed of a similar material to the oven itself, the materials used will generally display properties which allow it to retain heat whilst keeping heat transference to a minimum, this is one of the reasons why oven doors now are constructed of ceramic materials, which also have the advantage of allowing the user to view the contents of the cooker whilst cooking.

Cooker Lights

If you have the luxury of a glass door on your oven it is likely that the oven will have a light inside so that you can visually check what’s cooking in there, these are known to go every once in a while.

Cooker Parts Faults

In an environment where an appliance is used as intensively as a cooker it is inevitable that at some point a cooker part may fail. Most cooker faults should be self explanatory and will usually only require the replacement of one or more of the components which is only a fraction of the price of the cooker itself.

Faults will range from electrical to mechanical. Electrical faults can occur with loose solder connections, heat damage of simple component failure. Mechanical faults will usually be the result of ‘wear and tear’ of moving parts within the oven from fans to door hinges.

Element cooker parts that are not heating up may suggest an electrical fault but the repairer should first check to see if the element itself is not damaged, broken elements, white furring to the element are a sure indication that the element cooker part needs replacing, an element will either work or not work, there is no inbetween stage ie, the element will not heat up at all if it is broken. This is usually a simple job that could be completed in a short timeframe. Faulty thermostats are also a problem in some cookers; symptoms would include an overheating oven which would normally suggest that everything else is working correctly. An oven that is not reaching the required temperature could also suggest a faulty thermostat cooker part, but it could also be a number of other electrical faults like the temperature overload safety cut out component has malfunctioned. Electrical faults within the cooker should only be repaired by someone who is well versed in dealing with electrical circuits and the cooker should isolated from the mains whilst repairs are undertaken. Another common problem is in fan assisted, convection ovens. Sometimes the fan motor cooker part can become blocked, and in some cases the bearings in this cooker part will start to wear due to general use making the fan very noisy or worse yet inoperable. Constant use of knobs, hinges etc lead to wear that compromises the effectiveness of the cooker, these are all relatively simple cooker parts to replace.

It is a simple fact that when so many components go into assembling an appliance that there is always a chance that one of these parts may malfunction.

Finding your Cooker Model Number & Serial No. is needed to ensure that the correct spares are found.
Model & Serial Nos. are usually located inside the oven door, on the rear panel, or behind the kick plate. Model numbers found on the front of the cookers are generally abbreviated & incomplete. A list of popular cooker manufacturers and associated example information follows;

AEG:                       AEG cookers will have a PNC/PROD. no. starting with a 9. model no.
Ariston:                  Model Nos. usually comprise of a few letters followed by some numbers. Check serial no. 
Belling:                   Belling Ovens & Cookers will have a model no. like 350WH & a serial no. 
Bosch:                    Look for the "E-NR. no.. This will be followed by the FD number.
Candy:                    Model nos. start with letters  followed by a long serial no. starting with a 3.
Cannon:                 Model Number Example 10580G MK2. Please also obtain the serial nos.
Creda:                    Model No. example X262EW. Also obtain the serial number.
Electrolux:             Model no. followed by a 9 or 11 digit PNC/PRODUCT no. like 944073102 /40.
Hoover:                 Model numbers start with letters followed by a long serial no. starting with 3.
Hotpoint:               Model number example S320EKH. Model nos. will also contain a serial no.
Indesit:                   Example model no. KD3G35W, this is always followed by a serial no.
Neff:                       Find the E-NR. No.  followed by a FD no.
New World:          Model nos. usually start with letters followed by numbers. e.g. CKE1436BR.
Siemens:                Find the E-NR. no. followed by an FD no.
Stoves:                   Look for a model no. followed by a serial no. like 050554050.
Tricity:                    Look for a model no. followed by a 9 or 11 digit PNC/PROD. no.
Whirlpool:             Look for a model no. followed by a 12 digit Service Number starting  with 85.
Zanussi:                  Look for a model no. followed by a 9 or 11 digit PNC/PRODUCT no.

Always find your Full Model & Serial Nos. to ensure that the correct Spare Parts are obtained.

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